My Ethics Code

As a photographer, my primary role is to portray events and viewpoints in society visually. I have the responsibility to document the world around me and capture reality through images. This code is intended to serve as a tool for me to perpetually adhere to. 

Learn and listen to my conscience. If my decisions lead me to an adverse consequence, I will take responsibility and move merely with my fate. 

Work hard when nobody's watching. That means caring for those around me when I'm holding the camera and when I'm not. Never intentionally contribute to, alter, or seek change or influence events. 

Be honest in all environments. There is no foundation for trust, accuracy, or dependability of one's character without honestly. Treat all subjects with respect and dignity. 

Represent society accurately while avoiding stereotypes. This includes shaming, nostalgia, cultural appropriation, and personal biases. Accuracy and comprehensiveness is the key to representing subjects in a positive manner. 

Strive by example and influence. Maintaining the high standards expressed in this code is imperative. When the proper action is not explicit, I will seek the counsel of those who exhibit the highest standards of professionalism. Photographers should study their craft and the ethics that guide consistently.